The Official Guide To Mixing


Mixing is one of the most important stages of music production. It’s the point where all elements of the music come together, and are modified and enhanced to achieve the best possible sonic result.

In this video course we show you all the steps, techniques and principles for accomplish a powerful, balanced, punchy and dynamic sound.

You will also see all the secrets you need to know in order to make your mixes sound professional and ready to compete with the high standards of commercial releases.

Filmed at the Doctor Mix studios in London, our professional engineers walk you through every step of their process using high quality analogue gear and plugins.



Learn how to prepare, execute and finalise a professional mix with The Official Guide To Mixing.

From understanding the foundations of EQ and compression to advanced techniques for creating depth and dimension in your mixes, our expert-led tutorials will guide you through every step of the process. Master the tools and techniques to make your drums hit with impact, your bass lines groove with precision, and your vocals cut through the mix with clarity.

But it’s not just about the mix; we also cover the crucial stage of mastering. Learn how to add that final sheen and ensure your tracks sound great on any system, from club speakers to smartphone earbuds.


Here’s what you will learn with this guide:

✔ How to execute a professional mix from beginning to end
✔ How to make drums sound punchy and powerful
✔ How to mix bass effectively to make it work with the kick drum
✔ Strategies to achieve maximum loudness
✔ Secrets for getting a commercial vocal sound
✔ How to correctly use compressors and equalisers


Want a taster? Here is a preview of the lesson on Parallel Compression.

Below is a full list of the lessons included in this guide:

✔ Introduction
✔ Renaming Your Audio Channels
✔ Colour Coding Your Tracks
✔ Testing
✔ Gain Staging
✔ Filtering The Low End
✔ Bus Routing
✔ Kick Drum
✔ Snare Compression
✔ Increasing The Kick Impact
✔ Sine Wave Trick
✔ Transient Designer
✔ Enhancing The Snare
✔ How To Balance Your Drums
✔ Bus Compression
✔ How To Mix The Bass
✔ Sidechain
✔ Basic Vocal EQ & Compression
✔ Vocal Correction With Dynamic EQ
✔ Adding Reverb And Delay On Vocals
✔ Mixing The Acoustic Guitar
✔ Pads & Strings
✔ Horns
✔ Mastering Techniques

The Official Guide To Mixing