How To Produce House Music


This video course is designed to help you understand the techniques, concepts and practices behind professional House Music making.

This course will help you progress from a simple house track idea to a finished, professional sounding master, covering drum grooves, synths, vocals, layering, FX, mixing & mastering and more along the way.

Watch the video below for an overview of How To Produce House Music!



With this course, you will gain insider knowledge on creating thumping beats, crafting signature bass sounds, and layering synths to build that quintessential house euphoria.

In the 35 videos you will learn how to create a track from scratch, all the way from constructing the initial beat on a vintage TR-909 to putting the final touches on your track with clear, punchy and loud mixing and mastering.


In the course I use a variety of instruments and plugins including Maschine, the Yamaha Reface CS and MOXF6, Prophet 08, Arp Odyssey, NI Massive and more. Although quite a few different instruments are used on these videos, the course focuses on the actual musical and creative aspect of the production process; so you’ll be able to apply the techniques explained to your own hardware or software.


This course is ideal for independent musicians, DJs and producers who want to take their house music production level to professional standards.

Want a taster before you enroll? Here is a free preview of the lesson on Creating A Breakdown.

Here’s the complete lineup of tutorials from our How To Produce House Music course:

✔ Introduction
✔ Building A 909 House Beat
✔ Interlude Capturing The Roland TR-909
✔ 909 In The Box Part 1
✔ 909 In The Box Part 2
✔ Building The Bass Part 1
✔ Building The Bass Part 2
✔ Adding A Sequencer
✔ Building Stabs
✔ Layering Sounds
✔ Building The Structure
✔ Housekeeping First
✔ Introduce The Track
✔ Build It Up
✔ The Main Groove
✔ Dry It Up
✔ Break It Down
✔ Drop It
✔ The Outro
✔ Synth Automation
✔ More Synth Automation
✔ Sequencer Automation
✔ Pads
✔ Adding Vocals
✔ Crash Cymbals & Effects
✔ Mixing And Finalising The Track
✔ Commit To Audio
✔ Filter Out The Low End
✔ A/B To Your Demo Mix
✔ Bus Routing
✔ Mixing House Drums
✔ Finalising A House Track
✔ Mixing A House Bass
✔ Mixing House Stabs
✔ The Final Touches

How To Produce House Music