Claudio Passavanti Whith His Sunlightsquare Band Live in London

Claudio Passavanti is a British-Italian Pianist, Music Producer, and Digital Entrepreneur Known as Sunlightsquare and Doctor Mix

Early Days

Born in Rome in 1972, Claudio began playing the keyboard at the age of 3,

He passionately developed an interest in musical instruments, vinyl records, audio recorders, electronics, and photography. By nine, he was studying classical piano./p>

Claudio Passavanti Piano School Recital Circa 1980

While studying piano and going to school he also started exploring computer programming.

Claudio Passavanti Bedroom Studio Circa 1987

At 13, he landed his first professional studio gig as a drum machine programmer for his piano teacher, who was also a film composer./p>

By 16, he was studying jazz piano at the Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio while still in school. He began taking small production jobs in his bedroom studio and performing live gigs at night. After completing his studies at 18, he was hired as an in-house producer at the same studio where he started.

Claudio Passavanti First Recording Studio Job. Rome Circa 1990

Over the next two years, Claudio produced music for dozens of Italian artists, performing live for some, and making a name for himself in the bustling music industry of the 1990s.

Claudio Passavanti at Capital Records Circa 1995, with Paul Jackson J.R., Luis Conte, Bernie Kirsh, John Patitucci

American Days

At 20, Claudio studied orchestral composing and arranging at The Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. He embraced American music-making traditions, jazz harmony, and show business. Collaborating with local musicians and top players like the GRP rhythm section, John Patitucci, and Dave Weckl, he recorded his debut album, “After Hours Ritual,” for Sony Music’s sublabel Rossodisera (Italy).

Claudio Passavanti PlaysIn Rome with Alex Pritti on May 1st 2003

Pop Days

Returning to Italy in 1993, Claudio was offered higher-profile gigs. He played keyboards, produced records, or conducted orchestras for top artists like Zucchero, Lucio Dalla, and Pino Daniele. In 1997, he formed the duo Eramo & Passavanti and received the Michael Nyman’s Award for Best Performance at the 1998 Festival Di Sanremo for the song “Senza Confini.”

Claudio Passavanti Recording Sunlightsquare Band at Miloco Studios - London

British Days

Moving to London at 30, Claudio was inspired by the East End’s vibrant music scene. He worked as an in-house producer for Almighty Records until 2004, when he founded Sunlightsquare Records. His salsa version of “I Believe in Miracles” sold over 10,000 copies, becoming a cult success.

Early Doctor Mix Card

In 2006, he founded Doctor Mix, an online mixing, mastering, and production service, one of the first of its kind.


With over half a million YouTube subscribers for his Doctor Mix channel, Claudio collaborates with top manufacturers like Yamaha, Roland, Rhodes, and Moog.

Claudio Passavanti at Rhodes' booth NAMM 2023

As Sunlightsquare, he’s released seven albums and performs globally. As a digital entrepreneur, he’s become a case study for the creative industry.

Claudio Passavanti @ Doctor Mix's Studio A

“I am the living proof that in the age of the internet and video, artists can achieve their dreams for themselves, without having to ask permission from anyone.” – Claudio Passavanti