About Doctor Mix

Founded in 2006 and located in central London, Doctor Mix studios are equipped with the finest pro audio gear and musical instruments available on the market today. Studio A is the main production and synthesizer room. This is where the music is produced. It has some of the most sought-after synthesizers in the world including a vintage Minimoog, Prophet 5, Roland Juno 6 and 106, a 1974 Rhodes Mark II, and a collection of vintage drum machines such as the TR-808, 909, and 606.

Then there is Studio B which features some of the best pro audio gear including: Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Neve and SSL compressors. For a full list of gear please click here.

Studio C is where we produce all of our videos. It boasts a high-end video editing rig with top-notch specifications. Studio C is also where we keep our nostalgia 80s setup, featuring an Atari Mega 2 and original Cubase 1.0.

At Doctor Mix, we’re all about your sound. For two decades we’ve been at the forefront of online music services, ensuring every artist gets the industry-standard quality they deserve.


What We Offer:


Get your mix ready for release. We’ll handle the technical details, ensuring your track stands out, just the way you envisioned. Quick turnarounds, with two revisions included.

Mix & Mastering

From multiple channels to a high-quality stereo file, we’ve got you covered. Your music remains confidential and will be ready for the spotlight.

Remix & Production

Looking for a fresh take on your track? We’ll craft a new arrangement, handle the instruments, and deliver a broadcast-quality track.



Video Courses

Empower your music journey with knowledge. Our curated courses dive deep into the nuances of production and mixing. Learn at your pace, grasp complex techniques, and evolve as an artist with our expert-led video tutorials.

Sound Packs

Improve your creations with our exclusive sound packs. Ranging from vintage beats to futuristic sonic landscapes, each pack is meticulously crafted, offering unique sounds that inspire and enhance your tracks.

Why Trust Doctor Mix?

  • Experience: With years in the business, we know what works.
  • Quality: We ensure your track aligns with industry standards, every time.
  • Quick Turnarounds: We value your time. Get your track when you need it.
  • Revisions Included: We want to capture your vision perfectly.


Claudio’s Journey:

While Doctor Mix has grown, our founder Claudio Passavanti has been a guiding force. From early YouTube success with humorous musical content to collaborations with major audio brands, Claudio’s journey has always been about enriching music and artists.

Take the Next Step:

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for years, we’re here to ensure your music gets the love it deserves. Explore our services, check out our video courses, and discover our sound packs. Let’s make some great music together!

Questions? Our FAQ covers it all. Or, get in touch – we’re eager to assist.