Music Producer Gold Guide


A reference video manual for the modern music producer. In this collection of 45 in-depth videos I demonstrate all of the principles and practices of professional music making.

Divided into four parts; Musical Understanding, Recording, Mixing, and Life As A Producer, this guide covers everything from fundamental techniques to advanced production secrets, ensuring a holistic approach to music creation.

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Music Producer Gold guide is the ultimate reference manual for the modern music producer. In 45 lessons spanning over 11 hours of video, we cover everything from dissecting harmony and melody to delving deep into mixing, mastering and so much more.


Split into 4 sections, every lesson is crafted with clarity and detail, so whether you’re just starting out or looking to further enhance your music production abilities, this guide really is worth its weight in gold. The 4 sections of the Gold Guide are:

✔ Musical Understanding 18 Lessons (4h 35m)
✔ Recording Techniques 5 Lessons (1h 21m)
​✔ Mixing & Mastering 10 Lessons (3h 4m)
✔ Life As A Music Producer 11 Lessons (1h 56m)


In this unit, I break down the individual elements that make up great music and how you can bring these elements into your tracks to convey exactly what you want to.


The lessons in this section are:

✔ Harmony
✔ Chords
✔ Tension & Resolution
✔ Melody
✔ Lyrics
✔ Arrangement & Structure
✔ Rhythm
✔ Shuffle, Swing & Feel
✔ Programming Drums
✔ Finger Drumming
✔ Drum Machines
✔ Samplers
✔ Bass
✔ Acoustic Guitar
✔ Electric Guitar
✔ Keyboards
✔ Rhodes
✔ Synthesizers


Here, I explain what microphones to use and when, how to record & edit vocals and best practises for recording sessions. I also demystify music rights so you can be sure that you are fairly compensated for your work.


The recording techniques lessons cover:

✔ Signal Flow
✔ DAW Choice
✔ Vocal Recording
✔ Drum Recording
✔ Understanding Music Rights


The mixing & mastering videos will provide you with the skills to transform your tracks into polished, professional-quality productions. You will learn all of my tricks and secrets from over 30 years in the business, giving you the dexterity to blend individual tracks into cohesive songs that sound clear, dynamic, and vibrant on any system.


In this section we have:

✔ Gain Staging
✔ Filtering
✔ Bus Routing
✔ Panning
✔ Equalization
✔ Compression
✔ Reverbs & Effects
✔ Balance
✔ The Master Bus
✔ A/B Referencing


Life As A Producer covers everything you need to know to survive and thrive in the music business. I divulge the lessons I have learnt along a life in this industry and the lifestyle strategies that I have used that have allowed me to get to where I am today.


In this final unit, I discuss:

✔ Practice
✔ Communication
✔ Self Promotion
✔ Content Creation
✔ Dealing With Criticism
✔ Showmanship
✔ Appearance
✔ Health & Fitness
✔ Awareness & Mental Health
✔ Professionalism
✔ Final Thoughts

Music Producer Gold Guide