by Claudio

Apr 01, 2017

These little usb-powered speakers don’t sound better than any other cheap computer speaker you can find on the internet, but the water dance they create is very entertaining and very pleasurable to look at.

Watch the Incredible Water Speakers in action on our video:

At £17 for the pair we will certainly not complain about the sound, but just keep them on the table for some easy visual gratification!

We got ours on Amazon, here’s the link to buy them:

The Water Speakers Side View

Based on an hydraulic system that pushes the water up as the sound drives the speakers to move, this fun little gadget has 4 different colour lights that delivers an instant “disco” joy 🙂

Although they are completely made of plastic they feel relatively solid, and the transparent cabinet is hard to distinguish from glass without touching it.

The Incredible Water Speakers Front

They connect via a stereo 3.5mm mini jack input and it comes with a short male-to-male that works with anything that has headphone socket, like an iPad, iPhone (up to version 6), laptop, TV, Xbox etc.

It’s powered via USB and a dedicated cable takes the power from one speaker to the other.

The water cannot be refilled as the speakers are completely sealed off. The water instead is reused in a circular motion from the bottom of the cabinet to the top and back down.

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