by Claudio

Nov 13, 2015

Our 4th podcast is all about mixing the Bass Drum: the components of the sound, how it changes through its duration, EQ, parallel and multi parallel compression, saturation, relationship with the bass, 808 kick, tips and tricks.

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On episode 4 you will learn about:
– how to approach the Kick Drum
– length of the Kick Drum
– low end energy
– enhancing the Kick Drum
– plugin vs gear
– parallel compression
– parallel EQ
– multiple parallel processing
– single band and multi-band transient transient designers
– phase correlation
– the sine wave trick

On this episode we mention the following gear:
– Eiosis Air EQ
– Cubase Multiband Envelope Shaper
Slate Trigger
– Drumagog
Roland 808

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We mention the following producers:
– Forrester Savell
– David Bendeth
– Trevor Horn
– Quincy Jones
– Max Martin
– The Matrix


00.03 – Intro
1.34 – How to mix Kick Drum
2.36 – Preparation
3.05 – Components of a Kick
9.01 – “The Knock Knock Trick”
12.00 – The Pultec Trick
17.09 – Triggering
18.10 – The 808
25.02 – Side-chain Compression

26.01 – Q&A Time
Q1. Is there any difference in sound between DAWs?
30.25 – Q2. How do you get that trigger like kick drum sound?
30.55 – Q3. Who are your top 5 producers of all time?


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