by Claudio

Nov 01, 2015

On this episode we explain how to mix the bass: routing, parallel compression, saturation, bus compression. We share techniques, tips and we also discuss instruments with our first ever guest in the studio Chris Irvine, Product Manager for Yamaha Music UK.

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On episode 3 you will learn about:
– the rules of good bass recording
– low end energy
– bass harmonics
– saturation and note perception
– parallel compression for bass
– parallel saturation
– side-chaining the bass (full-band and multi-band)
– equalisation
– bus structure and compression layers
– mastering implications

On this episode we mention the following gear:
Yamaha Reface Keyboards
Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard MkII valve summing mixer
– Urei (Universal Audio) 1176 compressor
The Culture Vulture Super 15 valve saturation unit
Teletronix (Universal Audio) LA-2A valve compressor
– Eiosis Air EQ

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