by Claudio

Oct 27, 2015

For our first podcast we explain how to best prepare your session for mixing: gain staging, filtering, bus routing, master bus, Q&A and more mixing tips.

How to make my mix sound professional using balance

On this episode you will learn about:
– Mix preparation
– Gain-staging
– Filtering
– Bus routing
– Setting up parallel compression
– Preparing the master bus
– Master bus compression (pre-mastering)
– Common mistakes
– Best practices

On Doctor Mix podcast 001 we mention the following gear:
the Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard MkII valve summing mixer
the Phoenix Mastering Compressor
the SSL Bus Compressor

Useful Links:
How To Make My Mix Sound Professional – 10 Golden Rules


00:25 – Introduction
02:02 – Starting a mix
05:18 – Bus Routing
08:00 – Parallel channels
10:08 – Filtering
15:30 – Bus compression
17:26 – Q&A fill


16:12  #1. What is the most recurring error that producers do in tracks regarding mixing? I mean the thing for which you damn composers everyday.

22:40  #2. Being Newly introduced to electronic music and different types of synth, how crucial is it for a producer to be technical enough to create every sounds from scratch and not use presets?

24:12  #3. Summing box on a budget

25.56  #4. Best technique to mix the vocals without keeping the overall music low so that the vocals also stand out

27:28  #5. Which single pice of gear would you recommend adding to a simple DAW home studio that can hep acquire a loud punchy warm mastering of my mixes?

29.01  #6. How does the rhythm edit option work?


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