by Claudio

Mar 01, 2017

Techno, EDM and contemporary Dance-pop wouldn’t exist without House Music. Watch our video to know more about it:


You should Google David Mancuso and the The Loft, Larry Levan and the The Paradise Garage – New York, early 70s. These DJs and clubs defined the ethos and styles of Disco music. It was the first time DJs ruled the music scene and not musicians.


Familiarise yourself with Frankie Knuckles and The Warehouse: that’s where the term “House” comes from! Ron Hardy at The Music Box is another great reference point. These clubs in Chicago were extremely popular around late 70’s and early 80’s and they took over Disco scene. By this time Disco had declined almost completely.


This style came from Detroit in late 80’s and was an evolution of the House music coming out of Chicago. Cheap drum machines and synthesisers were used to create a new and harder type of dance music. It sounded as if the Kraftwerk and George Clinton (from Funkadelic) got stuck in elevator for 5 mins 🙂 A combination of funk and metallic electronic drums. Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Sanderson were known as the “Belleville Three” and considered as the originators of this genre.


Electronic dance music crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed in the UK where it evolved into ACID HOUSE, JUNGLE and HARDCORE. From Germany came the TRANCE music of the 90’s, whilst the UK scene kept evolving producing DRUM N’ BASS and DUBSTEP in the following years. All these elements contributed to shape modern Electronic Dance Music (EDM) production the way we know it today.

Use Google, Wikipedia and YouTube to know more about the history of your dance music!


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