by Claudio

May 26, 2016

Making pro audio cable is easier than you think, it can save you a lot of money and it makes you feel like you really own your studio. Here we show how to make a professional balanced XLR cable with Neutrik connectors.

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Know your cables:

In this video we use our Doctor Mix Cable Making Rig and the following material:
– Neutrik NC3FXX – professional XLR female connector with
strain relief.

– Neutrik NC3 MXX – professional male XLR connector with
strain relief, solder contacts and cable boot, without
locking window.

–  Sommer Cable SC Club Series MkII – professional microphone
cable, 2x 0.34 sq. mm, 6.5mm diameter, 56g/m, 53ohms/km cable impedance, 25ohms/km shield
impedance, black.

– Palmer Cable Tester XL AH MCT XL, prof. Cable Tester with LED indicator, for: XLR, unbal./bal. jack (1/4″), Speakon 4 Pol, Speakon 8 Pol, RJ45, RCA, DIN (8 pol.), Midi, USB, S-Video, Battery test-LED.

– Heatshrink sleeve
Material: Heatshrink polyolefin sleeving 1350C shrink ratio 3:1 Grade: Printashrink CPF/FR-3 (flat grade)
Size: 9/3mm ID x 100mm long
Colour: Red


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