by Claudio

Jan 01, 2017

10 essential tips on how to make it in the music industry using only your talent and the internet. Inspiration, images, videos and social media have the power of making your music successful. On this article we explain how.

Act Like There’s No Music Industry

Do you remember when we thought “All I need to do is be discovered by big record labels, and they’ll put me on TV and I’ll be famous”? Well those times have changed! That’s not gonna happen unless YOU make yourself famous by using the internet as a platform.

Be Original

Today is not the time to make predictable music or to try to be mainstream just to please other people. You only have to please yourself, and you’ll find the likeminded people along the way.

Produce More Music

Don’t spend too much time and complete only one track per year. Produce 10 tracks per year and get them out as much as you can. Don’t fall for the trap of Paralysis by Analysis. You only get better by making more.

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Tell Your Story On Social Media

It’s free so why not use it? People want to know your perspective. Share it.

Study What Successful Independents Do

Study what your favourite artists do. Get the concept of what they have done, and then do it in your own way.

Make Videos

Anyone can make videos by using the phone. Share your thoughts about music and your creative process. They don’t have to be long, but the most important thing is that people keep seeing your face.

Dress For The Part

Be unique. Be your own character. Audiences are interested in people who look different and behave differently. Be that or fake it until you become it.

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Be Consistent

Make music regularly. Post about your music regularly. Use social media regularly and be present so that people who are interested in you and your art are looking forward to what you produce next.

Be Humble And Improve

There will be always someone who knows more than you or know some aspect of the music that you don’t. The moment when you think “I know everything” is the moment when you finish being an artist. Be curious, be humble, and improve.

Make Music For The Right Reasons

We all want to be loved and get attention, but making music solely to achieve this isn’t a good approach! Be genuinely in love with the art form. Making music is great for self expression, and doing it for these reason will motivate you to produce music for a long time!

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