by Claudio

May 26, 2016

Having a good soldering station is essential to making professional audio cables. Here’s how to build a simple but effective (and good looking!) one with just some wood, screws and cable ties.

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– CSI Station75D Digital Soldering Station with Powerful 75W Iron
– Lead Free Solder Wire Roll 0.81mm Diameter (we use the 227g roll SN99 No Clean 4901-227G)
– 1 piece of good grade plywood board 33cm long, 30cm deep and 18mm thick for the base
– 3 segments of Timber Planed Unfinished (T)44mm (W)44mm (L)1800mm: 2 pieces 24cm long, one piece 1cm long for the soldering iron support
– a small 6cm x 1,5cm x 1cm piece of wood to support the solder roll
– Wood dye
– 10 small brass metal screw eyes
– n.8 7cm wood screws
– a small wood screw for the solder roll support
– Nylon cable ties
– colour fabric tape
– black marker


– Power drill
– Saw
– Pliers
– Paint brush
– Sand paper
– Tape measure


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