by Claudio

Oct 14, 2014

The famous Neve VR mixing desk is commonly acknowledged as one of the greatest mixing consoles ever made: it has been used on thousands of hit records for over 4 decades. Designed and built in England, the VR has been the centrepiece of the world’s best recording studios including Capital Records, Ocean Way, Abbey Road, just to mention a few. Its signature sound has been the trademark of countless artists including Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.  With its rich and clean sounding pre-amps,  extremely  musical 4-band parametric EQs,  flattering compressors, and extremely low noise/signal ratio,  it quickly became a favourite of the top producers and sound engineers around the globe.

The unit we review here is a single channel taken from the original Neve mixing board, cleverly housed into a sturdy 1 unit rack by pro audio experts Funky Junk. The FJ V series is exactly everything you would imagine it to be. The preamp sounds clean, modern, meaty and musical. The EQ is capable of delivering spectacular broad lifts, surgical corrections and crystal clear top end.  The dynamic section (gate/compressor/limiter) is amazingly effective, transparent, and fast to use. The FJ V series is a mono channel unit provides that classic Neve sound, in a small, solid, rack-mountable and affordable package. See below for specs and a full video review.

FJ V Series - Neve VR Channel
FJ V Series – Neve VR Channel

– SOUNDS BEST ON: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Bass.


High Pass Filter Range: 31.5Hz – 315Hz
High Pass Filter Ratio: 12dB/Octave
Low Pass Filter Range: 7.5kHz – 18kHz
Low Pass Filter Ratio: 12dB/Octave

Low EQ Range: 33Hz – 370Hz
Low EQ Q Range: Either 0.71 or 2 (or Low Shelving Mode)
Low Mids EQ Range: 120Hz – 2kHz
Low Mids Q Range: From 0.5 – 9
High Mids EQ Range: 800Hz – 8.7kHz
High Mids Q Range: From 0.5 – 9
High EQ Range: 1.5kHz – 17kHz
High EQ Q Range: Either 0.71 or 2 (or high shelving mode)

Gain Make Up Range: Up to 30dB
Compression Ratio: continuous from 1:1 to limiting
Release: from 30ms to 3s


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19-inch 1RU, depth:

– PRICE (New, from Funky Junk):
UK =  £1,798.80
USA = $2,873.94
EUROPE = €2,143.27

– PRICE (Used): Not Found

For more information about the FJ V Series please visit Funky Junk.

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