by Claudio

Mar 11, 2017

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The Reface CS is a virtual analogue synthesiser with abundant controls and a sound inspired by the famous Yamaha CS-80, one of the most revered synthesisers from back in the 70s. Despite its size it delivers a dense and authoritative sound, and I’m not just throwing adjectives here: I was really amazed by how big the reface CS sounded, without coming across as a novelty instrument, maintaining instead a strong and pleasant personality. This synthesiser can really deliver all the classic analogue synthesiser repertoire: bass, leads, pads, sweeps, and so on. The effect section is very efficient and it really contributes to the credibility of the sound.

The CS certainly has got that can’t-stop-playing-it factor. I’ve been using it for quite awhile in the studio and I often find layering track after track and sometimes finishing my arrangement without having used anything else. Producers of electronic, funk, experimental, house and psychedelic music are going to love the CS.
Like all the others in the reface family, the CS has lots of connectivity on the back panel, including USB, MIDI, DC power, phones, auxiliary input, stereo output and foot controller. It also has a MIDI looper section which allows to quickly build sequences which can be subsequently tweaked with the front sliders.

Watch the reface CS in action

Learn how to use the YAMAHA Reface CS on our online video course How To Produce House Music. The course includes an extended downloadable sample pack containing not only Roland TR-909 sounds, but also entire loops, shuffle grooves and midi groove templates.