by Claudio

Jun 22, 2016

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The Reface CP is designed to reproduce some of the classic electro-mechanical pianos from the past: Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Toy Piano and CP70 which it takes its inspiration from. This model comes with an extensive effects section which includes tremolo, wah-wah, chorus, phaser, digital and analogue delays, reverbs, as well as a drive control. These controls are very effective in defining the type of electric piano sound you want to create.

The keys have a remarkably well calibrated dynamic range and once you get used to their smaller size it is possible to play very dynamic keyboard parts, as well as fast passages. The CP responds with a surprising level of realism. The sounds have enough character to really cut nicely through a mix, but they are not too quirky either that it becomes tiring. Depending on the settings you use, you can go from a classic Rhodes piano sounds to an odd Wurlitzer for more adventurous arrangements. The “drive” knob provides a wide range of useful saturation, from very subtle all the way up to full on distortion. The 2 selectable delay types can also create infinite feedback, which is great to create transitions at the quick twist of a knob.

The CP was a lot of fun to play right from the start, and sure provides a much better experience than using virtual synthesisers inside of your DAW. It feels like an instrument and is very engaging to play, fuelling creativity and inspiration.

Watch the reface CP in action on the videos below


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