by Claudio

Feb 29, 2016

On this episode our top tips to mix synthesisers: using saturation, stereo spreading, improving dynamics with gates, using reverbs creatively, layering effects.

More tips and tutorials about loudness on

In Episode 7 you will learn about:
– Mixing synth bass.
– Use of distortion and harmonic excitment.
– Choosing your Plug-ins.
– Widening pads.
– Gating and compressing sequencers.
– Using reverbs and delays.
– layering your sounds.

On this episode we mention the following gear:

– Cubase 8 Quadrafuzz
– Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard
– Thermionic Culture – Culture Vulture Super 15
– Izotope 7 plug-in

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Episode Summary:

00:14 – Introduction
02:43 – Background and use of synthesisers in popular music
03:56 – Mixing synth bass
05:45 – Plug-in choice and uses for synthesisers. (Quadrafuzz, Thermionic Culture Fast Bustard)
08:50 – Pads and wide sounds
12:11 – Sequencers
15:35 – Reverbs and synthesisers
20:20 – Taking advantage of layers
23:19 – Q&A

23:28 – Q1 How do you mix toms and snares within a drop? (EDM)
27:45 – Q2 How would you choose reverb for a snare drum?
33:35 – Q3 How do I make a sound more stereo, specifically with vocals?



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