by Claudio

May 18, 2017

This week we want to tackle a tough one:
How to promote your music. Here are our top tips:

1 – Plan your promotional efforts

If you have uploaded your material to your distributor’s portal, then there is a certain gap (usually of about a month) before your music is actually available to be purchased. That window would be your promotional time. You want to send your music to relevant DJs, relevant podcasters, relevant radios etc. This is not actually difficult to do: all you need to do is put a little bit of time into researching which radios and podcasts are relevant to your music. Try to contact the hosts and send them a nice promo (often as high quality Mp3s and notes about you and your release).

2 – Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media. In the ideal world you’ll cover as many platforms as possible: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Each platform has a different vibe and context, so you want to tailor your content for each of them. Post pictures about you recording music, write words about your thoughts and your art, engage with your audience and grow it.

3 – Expand Your Social Reach

Try to be objective about your music and find similar artists! Find groups of people who like your style of music. On the top of Facebook there’s a search bar: use it to find similar artists and similar styles and target people in those groups with Facebook ads.

4 – Soundcloud

Soundcloud is great. It makes it easy for people to share your music, share their feedback, interact with you and your creation. Soundcloud is probably the most relevant platform for music makers.

5 – Do I need a PR company?

If you’re an independent then the short answer is no. PR companies are maybe great for big artists, but if you are the person who puts out content and engages in conversation with the public then you win. Spending big money on fancy PR companies is often less effective then spending little bit of money on creating videos and using Facebook advertising.

6 – Release Music More Regularly

If you get into the habit of releasing at least one track a month then you’ll be lot more likely to build a bigger audience. The more you post the more you get noticed. And with more practice you become better at it, and obtain better results. Consistency is the key.


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