by Claudio

Jun 22, 2016

Yamaha Reface YC-03-565-W

The reface YC has the most striking looks of the reface family with its eye-catching red colour and slick layout. The YC is designed to reproduce different types of organ from the classic hammond to more church-like sounds, as well as unusual and avant-garde ones. This particular unit takes inspiration from the YC-10, a vintage synthesiser produced by Yamaha in the 60s.The YC features nine drawbars that allow it to behave like a real organ.

The stereo Leslie emulation (on the left side of the front panel) is very realistic and musical, which contributes a lot to the credibility of its sound. The YC also features a nice Vibrato/Chorus section, as well as a Percussion section with selectable type and length. Using the Percussion section on its own (setting all drawbars to 0) opens up to a completely different way of using the YC. On the right hand side of the panel there is a distortion slider which allows for more blues/rock tones. Finally a Reverb slider to make your sound ready to use in a live situation.

Watch the reface YC in action



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