The Dream Gig – Audio Mixes


Digital download of all of the tracks from my 2022 live show ‘The Dream Gig’, which have subsequently been mixed and mastered to perfection in our studio!

All audio supplied will be high quality 24bit, 44.1kHz .wav files.

Full Track Listing:

1. Afro Lady
2. Skyscraper
3. Super People
4. Oyelo
5. Free Soul
6. Nowhere To Run
7. Theme De Yoyo
8. Summer Madness
9. Caliedoscopico
10. Thriller
11. Dance With You
12. There’s Nothing Like This
13. I Thought It Was You
14. The Groove
15. I Believe In Miracles
16. Everybody Loves The Sunshine


Watch the YouTube video:

The Dream Gig – Audio Mixes