by Claudio

Jun 01, 2016

Here is the Tube-Tech SMC 2B one of the most sought after multiband compressors, championed by world class mix engineers such as Al Schmidt, Joe Chiccarelli and Kurt Ballou. With its eight valves it’s capable of delivering an incredible character and great finish when used on either master bus or submixes, as you would expect from a boutique piece of gear such as this.

It has three independent bands separated with 6dB per octave filters; where attack, release, ratio and threshold can be set independently, along with a volume control for each band. There are two crossover controls to dictate the frequencies over which each band operates (the bottom band has a x4 frequency multiplier for extended range), along with overall output gain and balance controls.




Input Impedance: 2k Ohm
Ouput Impedance: <60 Ohm
Noise: < -75 dBU
Balance Control: +/-1.5 dB
Cross-over Low/Mid band: 60Hz to 300 Hz (with x4 engaged 240Hz to 1200Hz)
Cross-over Mid/High band: 1.2kHz to 6kHz
3x Ratio: 1.5:1 continously variable to 10:1
3x Threshold: Off to -20dBU
3x Attack: 3ms – 200ms
3x Release: 60ms – 2s

-DIMENSIONS: 19-inch 3RU

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– PRICE (New):
UK:  £3,708.00
USA: $3,999.00
EUROPE: €4,379.00

– PRICE (Used):
UK: £3,050.00
USA: (None Found)
EUROPE: €3,990.00

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