by Claudio

Aug 31, 2015

Download our high quality 20Hz to 22Khz frequency sweep WAV FILE to test your speakers… and your room.

What range can you hear? Does your system ring on particular frequencies?

Maybe it’s time to get some acoustic treatment, new speakers or… get in touch with us to get perfect mixing and mastering 🙂

One thing that can hinder or limit your hearing is when your glands make more ear wax than necessary, it can harden and obstruct your ear canal. When cleaning your ears by yourself you can easily push wax deeper and cause more harm than good. A build up of wax is a common reason for temporary hearing loss. To keep our ears in the perfect condition for working with audio on a daily basis the whole team at Doctor Mix recently had their ears checked and cleaned by Auris Ear Care, a specialist ear cleaning clinic that offers a professional mobile service which comes directly to you. If you’re looking for ear wax removal in London we recommend checking out their services.



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