by Claudio

May 01, 2017

After being first released in 1970, legendary American manufacturer Moog Music has finally put the Minimoog Model D back into production. The iconic monophonic synthesiser has now been endowed with MIDI and a few more improvements, but apart from those the circuit design has remained the same exact as almost half a century ago.

Featuring a hard-wood enclosure and collapsible front panel, the new Model D has maintained the same three-oscillator heart (watch 0:51 on the video), VCOs, VCFs and VCAs circuits and waveform selection capabilities that makes its sound so fat and so different from all other analogue synths.

The improvements to the original design include:
– new keyboard with velocity and aftertouch capabilities via CV connectors
– new LFO with triangle and square waveshapes
– CV outputs for pitch, gate, velocity and aftertouch
– Mix overload (for a more overdriven sound), watch 5:42 on the video

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It sounds, behaves and looks 100% like the original… because it is the original. If you’re old and lucky enough to have used one of these back in the day (like me, the reviewer!) then playing the new Minimoog Model D will feel like a time-machine: the cutoff filter, the pitch bender with no springs, the growl when you detune the oscillators, the glide effect, everything about it is exactly all we hoped it would be.

Download the Minimoog Model D manual in PDF format here and the patch sheets here. Visit the manufacturer’s page here.

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– 3 Oscillators x 3
– Noise Generator
– External Input

– Triangle, Triangle-Sawtooth, Reverse Sawtooth, Sawtooth, Rectangle, Wide/Narrow Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise

– MIDI in/out/thru
– Main audio high/low
– External audio in
– Headphones out

DIMENSIONS (with panel closed):
– Width: 28.625 inch – 727 mm
– Depth: 17.125 inch – 435 mm
– Height: 5.75 inch – 146 mm

– 32 lbs. – 14.5 kg

PRICE (new)
UK = around £3,300
USA = around $3,499
EUROPE = around €3,899

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