by Claudio

May 25, 2017

Making music is the greatest feeling in the world. But making sure other people hear it is sometimes even more challenging than the creative process itself.

If you’re struggling with making your music heard, then this few marketing tips can make a whole lot of difference!


“Marketing” is a fancy word, but it’s just another way of saying “communicating”.
Internet is a great place to communicate your music. People have always their phones in their hands: that’s where the attention is. All you need to do is to make sure that they get your content, so that they can give YOU their attention.

If you have 2,000 followers it doesn’t mean that every time you put the content out it will reach 2,000 people. For example on Facebook – on average- only a small percentage of your all audience will actually see your content. Most of social media platforms rate the content based on how quickly people respond to it, how much they share it and how much they interact with it and distribute it more or less based on that rating. So if you’ve got good quality content it’s going to do better and reach more people, but still you are not going to reach all the people in your subscriber list… so? So you have to produce more content 🙂


Professional marketers put out as many as 7 – 25 pieces of content, daily! You don’t have to go that far but you can still put out more regular content. The trick is:  don’t create… Document!

– Take your phone and take a picture of yourself working on your new track.
– Take a video of you playing in a club and then cut into little snips that you can post one after the other.
– Put yourself in front of camera, shoot the series of short videos in one day and release them one at a time.
– Invite your musician friends and have a chat with them… Put that on video or podcast.
– When you do live events, collect people’s e-mails and keep them in the loop, give them freebie, like a free download.
– Print a few T-shirts with name of your band and offer them as a prize when they subscribe to your mailing list.

The possibilities are endless.


I know it can sound overwhelming but taking advantage of modern technology is a very clever thing to do and the artists who embrace it stand a much better chance of making it!

Go deep with your communication. Be honest, compelling, and make your music interesting to begin with.
Share your perspective on music, share your life behind the scenes, show how is like to be a musician.
Document your journey towards becoming an accomplished artist and share it with your audience. If you become good at this you will experience success at levels you’ve never imagined possible.

Practice, put in the work and learn how to play a new instrument: the internet.

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