by Claudio

Jun 22, 2016

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The DX is one of the most interesting members of the Reface family. It is inspired by the famous DX7 and has four operators and is capable of delivering classic 80s sounds, as well as modern twists to the FM synthesis, which will appeal to EDM and Dubstep producers.

This is the only unit that comes with banks and patches so that you can program and recall your own sounds. It also features four touch sensitive sliders that allow you to shape the sound quickly and effectively without necessarily knowing about FM synthesis. Having said that the synthesiser engine is very powerful and if you have time to dig into FM synthesis you will be surprised at how flexible the DX can be and how many outlandish and powerful sounds it can deliver. It also includes a generous effects section, which is a great add-on to the original DX7 it takes inspiration from. The looper section is slightly different to the other 3 refaces, but equally effective.


Watch the reface DX in action on the videos below




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